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Month: September 2016

Some of my favorite YouTube Channels

Some of my favorite YouTube Channels

This post is a bit personal – I guess since I should probably start posting more interesting “about me” stuff. Not that I’m that interesting, but still – content is content, amirite? So, let’s dive into the deep end here – YouTube. I am not a YouTuber / YouTube Content Creator – no worries there (harhar), but I do watch a metric ton of YouTube videos. In this post, I will take you down some of my all time favorite YouTubers – some that I actively follow, and others that I just watch from time to time.



walterrificWalterrific has got to be my top favorite YouTuber. A “MotoVlogger” from I believe Kansas who has arguably one of the most disciplined riding styles I’ve come across amongst other MotoVloggers (looking at you Suburban Deliquent). I have watched pretty much all of his videos across both his MotoVlogging and gaming channels, save for the MotoMumbles that he does with other MVers.

Why do I like his content? It’s fun and random enough that it’s always entertaining. The structure of his posting is fantastic as well – typically uploading multiple videos per week. These are broken down into different “categories” of videos: Moto Mondays are posted on Mondays, Whatever Wednesdays are posted on Wednesdays, and Finally Fridays are posted on – you guessed it – Fridays. The rest of the week is filled with either the aforementioned Moto Mumbles, or different themed videos such as motorcycle reviews, and more recently Rubi Tuesdays – where we see Walter driving around in his McJeep, wearing his signature helmets.


2. CaseyNeistat

Casey Neistat. Probably one of the most “professional” vloggers on YouTube – he posts on an almost daily basis. Difference in his videos? The absolute professionalism and production quality of each video. It of course doesn’t hurt that he has a background in film production (correct me here?).

During each daily episode, we are treated into a glimpse of Casey’s often frantic life in NYC…or San Francisco…or Dubai, or wherever else he might. His array of cameras, as well as the ubiquitous drone and Boosted Board allow Casey to breathe some sort of magic into what would otherwise be a mundane video history of his life.



3. superspeedersRob


Rob Ferretti – owner/founder/co-founder (I forgot, alright?) of Gotham Dream Cars, as well as creator of the infamous SuperSpeeders  series. His vlogs are more day to day in the car business and cars in general – ranging from car buying tips, rental experiences, racing stuff…cars. He keeps it fairly light – which helps a ton, not to mention the guy has a pretty likeable personality. Bonus points for having one of the most insane Corvettes on the east coast.

Back when I was starting my web career, I actually created the second iteration of the SuperSpeeders website – though, much to my current (and much wiser and mature) chagrin, my lazy teen self let a wonderful business relationship with the guy sour when I could not deliver a finished product. Nearly 8 years later, as a seasoned engineer – I look back at what could have been business-wise.


Honorable Mentions

I’ll keep this blog light with the top 3 YouTubers. Here are some others that I follow on an on-again-off-again basis:

  1. Suburban Delinquent – California based MotoVlogger who is possibly the polar opposite of Walterrific. Highly entertaining.
  2. bakerXderek – Cheah!! Another West coast MotoVlogger who is infinitely entertaining.
  3. Salomondrin  – I really don’t know what this guy does, but he owns a shit ton of amazing cars, and his Vlogs are fun and off the cuff. Not to mention, he’s quite funny.
  4. Unbox Therapy – Unboxing videos of often interesting products.
  5. All Def Digital – Though I don’t follow their “news” portions – the comedic videos are top notch.


finish photo
Photo by Sean MacEntee


So there you have it. My top 3, with 5 honorable mention of YouTube channels that I follow. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know in the comments who you guys follow and why I should follow them as well!

New Look and Feel: Site Redesign

New Look and Feel: Site Redesign

My website has undergone a redesign! After approximately five years of the black-and-yellow grunge theme – I’ve opted for a full on revamp, technologically and visually. On the backend, the old CodeIgniter codebase was tossed in favor of Wordpress. On the frontend, the design I commissioned from my friend Dan Housch is gone, in favor of a generic WordPress theme – Nisarg.

hooray photo
Photo by mherzber

The new theme in this redesign is much lighter, incorporating a ton of white space and dynamic imagery. It is far easier on the eyes to read text, which is especially important as I would like to expand my blog posting and integrate my cooking activities. I mean, look at this Beef Provençale I made for New Years 2015-2016 – can you blame me?


I digress – the redesign is not purely visual and tech – but content will change as well, though, not drastically so. I’ll more than likely post a ton of programming related content – as well as food, random life blogs, thoughts, etc. Whatever floats my boat, hopefully floats yours too – hopefully we don’t end up stranded somewhere not-fun.

boat photo
Photo by Tim Green aka atoach

For the techies – I’ve chosen not to migrate this platform from Digitalocean to AWS. I’ve also opted to stay in the Ubuntu family – upgrading from 14.04 to (I think) 16.04/16.10 – whichever is the LTS as of this writing. Powering this platform is MariaDB (Toku!), using Nginx as a server, and PHP7 as the language of choice. Later on, I’ll likely install Varnish in front of Nginx, but for now W3 Total Cache does a more than excellent job at caching objects and page to disk.