New Look and Feel: Site Redesign

New Look and Feel: Site Redesign

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My website has undergone a redesign! After approximately five years of the black-and-yellow grunge theme – I’ve opted for a full on revamp, technologically and visually. On the backend, the old CodeIgniter codebase was tossed in favor of Wordpress. On the frontend, the design I commissioned from my friend Dan Housch is gone, in favor of a generic WordPress theme – Nisarg.

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Photo by mherzber

The new theme in this redesign is much lighter, incorporating a ton of white space and dynamic imagery. It is far easier on the eyes to read text, which is especially important as I would like to expand my blog posting and integrate my cooking activities. I mean, look at this Beef Provençale I made for New Years 2015-2016 – can you blame me?


I digress – the redesign is not purely visual and tech – but content will change as well, though, not drastically so. I’ll more than likely post a ton of programming related content – as well as food, random life blogs, thoughts, etc. Whatever floats my boat, hopefully floats yours too – hopefully we don’t end up stranded somewhere not-fun.

boat photo
Photo by Tim Green aka atoach

For the techies – I’ve chosen not to migrate this platform from Digitalocean to AWS. I’ve also opted to stay in the Ubuntu family – upgrading from 14.04 to (I think) 16.04/16.10 – whichever is the LTS as of this writing. Powering this platform is MariaDB (Toku!), using Nginx as a server, and PHP7 as the language of choice. Later on, I’ll likely install Varnish in front of Nginx, but for now W3 Total Cache does a more than excellent job at caching objects and page to disk.

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