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Sphire Logo At Sphire, Inc., I founded a technological frontier, and our projects redefine standards in efficiency and functionality. Mantis stands as our Go helper library, a comprehensive collection tailored to streamline common patterns and functionality in our codebase, notably powering projects like Core and Codex.

Codex, a master of database management, employs Pressly/Goose for migration control and provides seamless interaction with our ecosystem’s databases and tables. Meanwhile, Godex simplifies SQL query creation and storage, ensuring re-usability in our applications.

Core, built on the speedy Fiber framework, is our API prototyping powerhouse. Payments facilitates seamless transactions across multiple gateways, while ServerStatusEmitter serves as both a gatherer of server status information and an emitter, intelligently separated by configuration.

Venturing into innovative realms, Flight marks the future of autonomous air traffic control, revolutionizing fleet management. This cutting-edge command and control system ensures centralized coordination, real-time updates, and autonomous drone control for unparalleled efficiency and safety.

Completing the ensemble, Passport emerges as Sphire’s fully-featured user authentication and profile management API, rounding out our commitment to comprehensive solutions. Each project embodies our dedication to pushing technological boundaries and reshaping industries.

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Blootopia Logo Being the technical co-founder and a driving force behind Blootopia, I’ve played a pivotal role in crafting a revolutionary marketplace where knowledge knows no boundaries. As the engineer steering the development, I’ve intricately designed the platform to empower individuals to share their expertise and embark on a journey of continuous learning. From shaping the platform’s architecture to ensuring seamless functionality, my commitment is to make Blootopia a dynamic space for mentorship and knowledge exchange. It’s not just a platform; it’s a vision of democratizing learning, and I take pride in contributing to its creation. Whether you’re sharing your passion as a mentor or exploring as a mentee, Blootopia is the vibrant space where diverse skills come together, and I’m thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformative venture.

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See.ME Logo As a technical contractor for See-Me, I contribute to the evolution of healthcare professionals' experiences. See-Me is more than a smart app; it’s a companion that empowers healthcare practitioners on their professional journey. Offering seamless access to resources for ongoing learning, a dynamic conversation platform, and effortless network connections, See-Me transforms the way healthcare professionals manage and enhance their careers. It’s about putting the power of connection and growth right in their pockets, ensuring they can thrive wherever their journey takes them.